We are the missing creative board member helping companies on their mission to drive culture change trough sustainability, inclusivity, better consumption. 


 We believe in the power of GOOD. A reality where products and services are created with the well being of our planet in mind. We also believe in a reality where people from all backgrounds, genders and sizes, sexual orientations are feeling represented.


Wether it is Technology, food, fashion or sport, we are living a historical cultural change led by a shift in consumption behaviors. We provide brands with the missing eye to connect with a population in search of truth, authenticity, and transparency.


As both consumers and creators of this culture, we are best fit to guide brands and help them deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.


We are expert in guiding brands because we are brand creators ourselves.

After spending time advising brands in two french ad agencies (Havas Media and HOPSCOTCH), we founded the VC backed French breakfast brand, Dear Muesli. We received many accolades by the top ten ad agencies for our keen eye on details and our ability to make different worlds collide while connecting with our consumers.

This led us to work with brands such as Nike, Dammann, Sephora, Danone and more. We are now sharing our expertise with other entrepreneurs and brands who want to stand above the crowd and be talked about.